Assetto Corsa Competizione PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S Launch Day!

By Samuel Sage
on February 22, 2022

What is Assetto Corsa Competizione?

Assetto Corsa Competizione is a racing game like no other, bringing true to life simulation to the console in your home. With incredible attention to detail and handling physics like no other, Assetto Corsa Competizione will change your experience of console racing. Used by real world drivers such as David Perel and James Baldwin, ACC is a tool for life like racing and wheel to wheel competition. Whilst being the Official GT World Challenger game, it means that the cars in-game have been created using data from the manufacturers themselves. Virtually driving these like for like cars only gets better when you drive them around some of the most iconic tracks in the world which have also been created with incredible attention to detail, these tracks include Circuit de Spa Francorchamps, Silverstone, Monza, Nürburgring and many others. Every single corner, bump and curb has been created using Laser-scan technology so it is as close to the real-world experience as it can be.

Check the launch trailer below!

What can you expect from ACC on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S?

Experience true next-generation gaming with increased visual fidelity through 4K graphics (HD only on Xbox Series S), and 60FPS for a faster and smoother race experience. Running the game at 60fps will allow you to drive smoother and get more out of the car!

Fully Immersive Simulation: Race like a real GT World Challenge driver, with options to configure every single part of the car, from tyres, chassis, engine set up, and more.

New-Generation Graphics & Visual Effects: Ever wanted to race through a storm? Drive into the night after an incredible sunset? See the cold on the track as the sun starts to rise? Well, with photorealistic weather conditions and multi-channel audio sampling to create that authentic GT racing experience, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the real cockpit.

Advanced Multiplayer Functionality: Increased grid numbers for up to 30 players and we’ve adapted our fair play system to ensure that clean, fair driving is rewarded and those that don’t respect others on the track aren’t matched into the same lobbies.

Private Multiplayer Lobbies: If you want to just sit down with a few friends for an evening and race, you can! Jump into a private lobby and see who can set the best lap times and claim top spot on the podium.

Immersive Single Player Experience. Career, Championship and Free Play modes offer a complete and customizable gaming experience, catering for all types of racers from complete novices to advanced drivers looking to test themselves against the best.

Compatible With a Range of Hardware: From gamepads to professional steering wheels, gear up to race like the professionals.

2021 Liveries: Updated liveries from the 2021 season allow you to feel up to date and race alongside the latest and greatest whilst also looking the part

On top of all these incredible features, if you already own Assetto Corsa Competizione on PS4 or Xbox One, you can upgrade completely for free! Taking your profile, DLC and racing ability with you to the next generation of console gaming.

Having been developed by Untold Games in partnership with Kunos Simulazioni, we wanted to say a huge thank you to the Assetto Corsa community for supporting the franchise and allowing us the time to create the best product we can for simulation racing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

For any questions or further information please take a look at our Gen 9 FAQ HERE