ACC Console Update Notes: October 20, 2020

By Antonela Pounder
on October 20, 2020

Today we’re rolling out an update for our Assetto Corsa Competizione console players, which tackles a number of reported bugs / issues. See patch notes below for more information…

Issue fixed with disappearing wheels within a race with the BMW M4 GT4
Issue fixed with not being able to move the car after returning from the replay menu in multiplayer
Controller pre-sets can now be deleted
Save data name now displays when trying to erase play data
Stability crashes fixed when playing replays and highlights
Fixed a soft-locking issue when resuming a saved race
Fixed a crash when viewing the final championship leaderboard

Translations for replay menu across multiple languages

Fixed multiple car digital displays / dashboards
Lap counter now displaying correctly
Control bindings fixed within the menu
Driver stints times update on the pitstop panel
In-game delta time has been reverted back to 3 decimal places

Fanatec McLaren GT3 damping fixed when cycling through modes
Crash fixed for reconnecting a Fanatec CSL Elite in a race
Trueforce audio now returns when hotplugging a Logitech G923 wheel
Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 Pedals rumble support